My First Match Mug - All English Clubs

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Ever thought about the first match you or someone in your life went too? What were the team line ups on the day? Did your team triumph and if so, who scored the goals?

This is a fabulous gift for any football fan. Or, you can always treat yourself!

All we need to make your personalised mug is the date of the recipients' first match. Let us do the research and find the match stats

There is an option when you checkout to add an 'Order Note'. Please add the following details:

1) Name of recipient
2) Their team
3) Details of the match

We will then do the rest!

Please note that the My First Match Mug is only currently available for ENGLISH PROFESSIONAL GAMES. Please do not order for non-English teams or non-League games

Mugs are ceramic 11oz AAA Grade and dishwasher proof.

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