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The Great Beer Mat Giveaway

Posted by john smith on

Is everyone enjoying the international break so far?

We can not be the only ones who feel it is strange that during these COVID times, footballers are flying halfway across the globe to meet up with their national team.

Every European season has been shortened due to the late start caused by the pandemic. We are already in a situation where players are playing more games in less time. And now players are due to play 3 games in 6 days for their national teams.

This break feels like it is a recipe for injury and we imagine that most fans will be more concerned about injury than their country winning.

It also seems wrong that we are unable to drive 10 miles to visit a loved one, but a player can fly half way across the globe. For all intents and purposes, a national team could be bringing together 25 different players who play for 25 different clubs in 25 different countries.

We get that sport has a “bubble” but surely it is against the spirit to have 25 different bubbles coming together?

With 3 games over 6 days, it potentially brings players into contact with 75 other bubbles.

Is there any reason for Mexico to be travelling to Wales for a friendly? Or Ireland to travel to Qatar or the USA travelling to Belfast for a game against Northern Ireland?

We get that there are World Cup qualifiers to be played and these might need to go ahead, but there is no reason to have “international friendlies” right now.

Anyway, we have used the international break to run a few giveaways. 

We have already run a giveaway for some Wales Beer Mats 

Today we give away a set of England Beer Mats and Scotland Beer Mats.

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We will round up our international giveaways with Ireland Beer Mats and Northern Ireland Beer Mats on Saturday and Sunday respectively.

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Have a good one.