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Retro Kit Turntable Mats Combine Our Love For Football & Music

Posted by john smith on

Football and music have always gone hand in hand.

In the 1970s it was common to go and watch your favourite team play on a Saturday with the lads and spend the evening at a gig watching your favourite band with the same people.

Ticket prices to both football and gigs have meant this now rarely happens. It would cost you £150+ in tickets alone if you did a football / gig double header on the same day. But that has not stopped music influencing football and football influencing music.

Whether it is the Stone Roses and Oasis in Manchester or Madness in Chelsea. Arctic Monkeys in Sheffield, the Kaiser Chiefs on Leeds or KAda Ian in Leicester. Arsenal with the Kinks and The Who or Tottenham with Chas and Dave. Almost every club has a band or artist that is loosely associated with them.

Recently we saw an extremely hungover (or still drunk?) Sam Fender on BBC Breakfast talking about the Saudi takeover of Newcastle.

And top of the charts at the time of writing is “Massive” by Guvnor B; a track about West Ham United.

2021 saw the highest vinyl record sales in 20 years. 

More than five million vinyl records were sold - up by 8% on the previous year, and marking a 14th consecutive year of growth for the format, according to the British Phonographic Industry (BPI).

So we have decided to combine our love of football with our love of music and release our Retro Kit Turntable Mats.

Our high quality record mats vdesigned to enhance your turntable and protect your records from scratching. 

Fitting over the spindle, the mat reduces vibration transfer, allowing your records to deliver high-fidelity audio with minimal noise.

  • Vinyl Record Neoprene Turntable Mat
  • 12 inch diameter
  • 6mm central spindle hole
  • 3mm thick high quality neoprene

We already have around 80 designs for over 40 clubs available; with more to come.

So whether it is Arsenal or Chelsea, Rangers or Celtic, Liverpool or Everton, or any other of the 40+ football and right teams we currently have available, we have a turntable record mat for you!