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New Mugs, Bar Runners and Prints - It has been a busy week

Posted by john smith on

Good morning Kick Off Merchants.

So how has your week been? Have you been to the gym? The pub? A “non-essential shop”? Or have you, like us, spent your week grafting. Getting things done. Hopefully tomorrow will be the day we get to sup that sweat nectar in a beer garden.

Anyway, our last blog highlighted some great things that were happening at Kick Off Merchants Towers.

As it had been two weeks since our last blog, there was just too much to mention.

So on top of the football bar runners and ever increasing clothing line, what else have we been up to?

We have begun expanding on our “My First Match” range.

For those that are new to what we do. The concept of My First Match is that we turn the details of your first ever game (or the first game for whoever you are buying for) into a piece of merchandise.

You let us know the game and the name you want on the mug and we turn it into something unique.

We started off with our My First Match Mugs and have now extended the range to include prints. So turn that memory into something to drink out of our hang on your wall.

A couple of new mugs were also added to our site.

The first was this brilliant Chelsea “One Step Beyond” mug. This was followed up by a new Rangers mug inspired by a conversation had between Subway and a Celtic fan.

We have also linked up with the brilliant The League Magazine who have given us exclusive rights to sell a fantastic Chelsea print celebrating 25 legends.

Moving into next week, Project X remains our focus and we will also look to expand our Chelsea One Step Beyond collection.

Have a good weekend