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Kick Off Merchants - Your club, your mates, your life!

Posted by john smith on

Modern football.

It has led to an influx of owners who do not love the club; and as a result they treat it like a business rather than a football club.

This has lead them to investing heavily in commercial departments to build the brand of the club. To protect and grow revenues.

Almost every top flight club has undergone a rebranding in the last 2 decades. This has led to the majority of teams releasing a new club badge. With many ripping up history in favour of copywrite.

They then outsource the design and manufacture of merchandise to huge companies who “design it quick, manufacture it cheap, sell it expensive”.

Merchandise is no longer designed by fans, for fans in mind. Instead it is done as cheaply as possible which is achieved through “having a template” and rolling that out for every club. No thought to what they are doing, no recognising of history.

Kits are the same.

Three kits every year; with manufacturers using the same template for every club. All they change is the colours.

So fed up with the rebranding of teams, with the whitewashing of history and plastering the new cartoon badges on every bit of merchandise, we the fans are fighting back.

Today sees the launch of Kick Off Merchants, a fan led merchandise shop.

Frustrated by the poor quality “official” merchandise clubs produce, 10 fans from 7 different clubs have got together to launch Kid Off Merchants.

With items aimed at the football fan on the Clapham omnibus, we design, manufacture and sell items that we would buy. Truly for the fans, by the fans.

Working exclusively with talented graphic designers who have a passion for football, we will be producing art work, mugs, dog collars, phone covers and more that fans actually want.

So if you want football merchandise designed with the fan in mind, is the place to go.

Kick Off Merchants - Your club, your mates, your life!

Well what else are you supposed to do at the weekend?