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Everton and Sheffield United - Our latest beer mats released

Posted by john smith on

Morning all.

Hope you are having a good start to your Saturday, getting ready for whatever game you are heading to today.

Been a while since we dropped an update as to what we have been up to.

It has bene nearly 6 months since we started Kick Off Merchants and we have been incredibly busy – beyond what any of us thought we would be.

The football beer mats have proved a huge hit. A real bit thank you to everyone that has worked with us on the designs, promoted them for us and bought them.

We took a bit of a creative break over the summer, halting new beer mat designs.

Anyone that works in the creative industry will know you can suffer from burnout and sometimes it is best to take a break, a step away to recharge those batteries. And that is what we did with the beer mats.

This week we came back with a bang with out two new beer mat sets – Everton and Sheffield United.

The two new sets took us to 12 in total; Arsenal, Celtic, Chelsea, Crystal Palace, Leeds United, Newcastle United, Norwich City, Rangers, Tottenham and West Ham being the 10 existing sets.

The Everton beer mats are something a little bit different.

Rather than going down the “mix of legendry player” route we decided to focus on just the centre forwards.

So the set includes the likes of Dixie Dean, Duncan Ferguson, Andy Gray, Bob Latchford, Sandy Young, Kevin Campbell and more.

We think these will make an excellent addition to anyone that has an existing collection from elsewhere.

The Sheffield United set are more traditional – celebrating some of the fans favourite players over the decades.

Len Badger who played for the club between 1962 & 1976 is the oldest player on the set, and we bring it up to the modern day with a Billy Sharp beer mat.

We would like to thank the fantastic Arty Bianco and Toffee Art who worked alongside us on the Sheffield United and Everton beer mats respectively.

Throughout our time, we have tried to work closely on the designs with fans of the clubs we are designing them for. That way we can ensure the sets reflect what a true fan would want.

Anyway, hope you enjoy whatever game you are going to today. Thanks for your support.