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Duncan Ferguson named by fans as "The Hardest of Hardmen"

Posted by john smith on

It was never really in doubt.

We are delighted to announced that the winner of World Cup of Kick Off Merchants is Big Duncan Ferguson. 

You, the fans, picked him as the hardest of hardmen. And he is a worthy winner.

Most well known for 2 spells at Everton, Bug Dunc’s career also saw him play for Newcastle United, Rangers and Dundee United. Surprisingly he won just 7 caps for Scotland - more of this later.

In 1994, Ferguson head butted Raith Rovers John McStay. Ferguson was subsequently charged and found guilty of assault.

As it was his third conviction for assault, he received a three-month prison sentence in October 1995.

The SFA also handed him a 12 game ban before the court case was heard. It was this that led Ferguson to withdraw his services to Scotland at an international level; feeling that the SFA finding him guilty whilst there was an ongoing court case duly influenced the proceedings.

Jailed at just 23, he was the first British footballer to be jailed for an on-pitch incident.

Sent off 9 times in total - 8 in the Premier League, he was a terrace legend at Everton due to his aggressive nature of play.

Ferguson’s aggression was not just an on-pitch show in an attempt to intimidate opponents. He was a hard bastard off the pitch too.

In 2001, two burglars broke into Ferguson's home. Ferguson confronted them and was able to detain one of them, who subsequently spent three days in hospital.

In 2003, Ferguson caught another burglar at his home. The burglar attacked Ferguson, who retaliated. The burglar was hospitalised and later alleged that Ferguson had assaulted him, but this was dismissed by police.

Fellow hardman Roy Keane once said he used to “stay away from him [Ferguson]” on the pitch.

Duncan Ferguson. The hardest of hardmen. A well deserved winner of the World Cup of Kick Off Merchants.