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Baffling why rivals dismiss the League Cup

Posted by john smith on

Every League Cup final it is the same argument - Is the League Cup a big trophy?

Any fan that does their time going to games will love any Wembley moment, whether it is the FA Cup, League Cup, the EFL Trophy and beyond.

Every final is a big event for those fans and players involved. A Sunday League cup final is huge for amateur. Even if it is the Division 4 Cup in the Essex Corinthians league!

Fans who always say "the League Cup is not a big trophy, I do not care" tend to be those that have never stepped foot in a football stadium. And they are usually only saying it because one of their rivals is in the final whilst they sit at home watching on the TV.

Manchester United had not won a trophy in 6 years. Newcastle United had not won a domestic trophy in 68 years. Not been in a final in 24.

Both ends of the stadium were rocking yesterday. Wembley was at full capcity and remaining that way even after the final whistle.

For Newcastle and Manchester United, yesterday was a huge game. For next years finalists, the game will be huge. The only people who do not think it was huge were sitting at home.

Football is not a TV show. Stand outside Wembley before any final and ask the fans going in if it is a big game. Every fan will say yes!