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As pubs and retail reopen, remember - BE KIND

Posted by john smith on

Good morning Kick Off Merchants. Did everyone have a good weekend?

We take a step closer to normality today with pubs, cafes and restaurants in England opening for customers seated outdoors. England's gyms, zoos and hairdressers are also open.

Non-essential shops and beauty salons can now also open their doors in England and Wales.

Anyone going out for a pint, to buy some trainers or to hit the gym, please remember to BE KIND to the staff.

So they served someone who go there after you first, or took a little too long to deal with your request. It is many of their first days back at work for many months.

Having worked on a shop floor as a teenager, you really do not get paid enough to take some of the abuse you get off customers at times. Grown men and women shouting and screaming at an 18 year old on minimum wage.

There are more important things in the world happening than how quick you get your pint. So let’s respect each other.

So what has been happening in Kick Off Merchant Towers since we last blogged? The answer is “loads of stuff”.

The most exciting of which was the release of our football bar runners.

So far we have produced bar runners for Arsenal, Chelsea, Everton and Rangers. With more to come this week.

Our most popular so far has been this Munich 19.05 bar runner, celebrating Chelsea's triumph in Europe.

In the last couple of weeks we have also extended out clothing range with couple of new Chelsea T-Shirts and Hoodies. We have also added these 4 West Ham T-Shirts to our ever expanding collection.

There is plenty more happening at the moment. Some of which we will speak about later this week. Others we can not speak about. Let's call it Project X.
Enjoy your day, and remember. BE KIND.